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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Algorithm for individual learning content formation in automated machine learning systemAsadullaev, R. G.; Lomakin, V. V.; Zaharov, V. M.; Dakhova, M. N.; Bugaeva, E. S.
2013Decision support system for the expert assessment of social risksLomakin, V. V.; Shapovalova, I. S.; Lifirenko, M. V.; Asadullaev, R. G.; Reznichenko, O. S.
2020Formal methods of analysis and synthesis for decisions options during corporate information system developmentLomakin, V. V.; Zaitseva, T. V.; Putivtseva, N. P.; Petina, M. A.; Zaitsev, I. M.
2019Mathematical description of stress-strain state of trunnion of ball mill taking into account temperature fieldBondarenko, Yu. A.; Lomakin, V. V.; Bestuzheva, O. V.
2018Multi-critera selection of a corporate system by using paired comparison analysisLomakin, V. V.; Putivtseva, N. P.; Zaitseva, T. V.; Liferenko, M. V.; Zaitsev, I. M.
2019System analysis of properties of coatings and indicators of the process of plasma and electrolytic oxidations qualityLomakin, V. V.; Yatsenko, V. M.; Asadullaev, R. G; Lysakova, T. A.; Reznichenko, O. S.
2014The modular structure of the adaptive machine learning systemLomakin, V. V.; Asadullaev, R. G.; Mamatov, A. V.; Pogorelyy, M. U.; Mishunin, V. V.