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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anatomical causes of Costen’s syndromeGaivoronskiy, I. V.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Gaivoronskaya, M. G.; Voytyatskaya, I. V.; Leontiev, V. K.
2019Cytomorphometric indicators of the gingiva epitheliocytes of patients with ischemic heart disease on the background of taking acetylsalicylic acidEmelyanov, D. V.; Ponomarev, A. A.; Leontiev, V. K.; Gontarev, S. N.; Voytyatskay, I. V.
2018Estimation of stabilometric indicators with a decrease in the interalveolar distanceVoytiatskaya, I. V.; Tsimbalistov, A. V.; Leontiev, V. K.; Ivanov, S. Y.; Kopytov, A. A.
2016Noninvasive method for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics of patients biological tissuesKopytov, A. A.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A.\A.; Leontiev, V. K.
2018Preclinical manifestations of students’ eating disorders as an impact of the information and communication university environmentTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Volkova, O. A.; Leontiev, V. K.; Besschetnova, O. V.
2016Quality assessment of endodontic treatment in patients, passed tomography examination in BelgorodTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Dorokhova, V. D.; Leontiev, V. K.
2016The method of surgical access while treatment of nonclostridial anaerobic infections of soft tissues of tongue and oral cavity floorOganecyan, A. A.; Leontiev, V. K.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Oleinik, E. V.