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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Conceptualization of the experience of the individual in the educational space in the light of scientific rationality as a problem of professional identity in global and sociocultural dynamicsKuznetsov, A. V.; Reznik, S. V.; Ivashina, R. A.; Chistyakova, E. Y.
2012Effect of cold rolling on microstructure and mechanical properties of copper subjected to ECAP with various numbers of passesStepanov, N. D.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Salishchev, G. A.; Raab, G. I.; Valiev, R. Z.
2014Effect of Mn and V on structure and mechanical properties of high-entropy alloys based on CoCrFeNi systemSalishchev, G. A.; Tikhonovsky, M. A.; Shaysultanov, D. G.; Stepanov, N. D.; Kuznetsov, A. V.
2013Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties in Cu-14%Fe alloy during severe cold rollingStepanov, N. D.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Salishchev, G. A.; Khlebova, N. E.; Pantsyrny, V. I.
2019Methodological and practical aspects of developing the unit objects pools in system-object modelsZhikharev, A. G.; Matorin, S. I.; Buzov, A. A.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Chekanov, N. A.
2017The problem of aim of science in the philosophy of scientific realismMaidanskaya, I. A.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Reznik, S. V.; Rimsky, V. P.; Mariasova, E. A.