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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Changes of metabolism in animals due to conditions of a purulent wound process while using photomineralisation as dressing toolsKrut, U. A.; Oleynikova, I. I.; Radchenko, A. I.; Kuzubova, E. V.
2020Determination of mycotoxins in the seeds of sunflower, soybean and corn by enzyme immunoassayOleynikova, I. I.; Krut, U. A.; Shaidorova, G. M.; Kuzubova, E. V.; Radchenko, A. I.
2016Influence of L-lysine sulfate on containing of vitamins and minerals in the body of broiler chickensShaposhnikov, A. A.; Yakovleva, I. N.; Nedopekina, I. V.; Krut, U. A.; Zakirova, L. R.
2017Physico-chemical properties of montmorillonite clays and their application in clinical practice (review)Tishin, A. N.; Krut, U. A.; Tishina, O. M.; Beskhmelnitsyna, E. A.; Yakushev, V. I.
2019Prospects for the use of “protected fats” in cattle feed additivesOleynikova, I. I.; Krut, U. A.; Tomilova, M. A.; Shaidorova, G. M.
2017Research of wound healing effect of phytomineralsorbent on the basis of montmorilloniteKrut, U. A.; Shaposhnikov, A. A.; Korokin, M. V.
2022Testing for the ability to modify antibiotics of Panus tigrinus 8/18 Lentinus strigosus 1566 laccaseKrut, U. A.; Myasoedova, N. M.; Shaidorova, G. M.; Radchenko, A. I.; Kuzubova, E. V.