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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Development of the research potential of a student’s personality: domestic and foreign experienceKormakova, V. N.
2015Educational Outsourcing in Process Management of High School Student's Self-Determination in Trade QualificationsKormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Isaev, I. F.; Makotrova, G. V.
2016Full-Time School in Russia: Developing Research Capacity in High School StudentsMakotrova, G. V.; Lukyanova, E. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Davydenko, T. M.; Verzunova, L. V.
2021ICT competence of a teacher in the context of digital transformation of educationKormakova, V. N.; Klepikova, A. G.; Lapina, M. A.; Rugelj, J.
2021Information and Communication Technologies in the Professional Training of Future Specialists in the Specialty 38.05.02 "Customs Business"Kormakova, V. N.; Grigoryeva, T. A.
2016Modernization of Russian Education: Development Technology of Scientific and Methodical Readiness among TeachersMakotrova, G. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Sitnikova, M. I.
2021New approaches to managing the Internet-based student engagement technologyKormakova, V. N.; Klepikova, A. G.; Musaelian, E. N.
2021Practical implementation of the process of digitalization of education in master programsVezirov, T. G.; Kormakova, V. N.; Fensel, A.; Lapina, M. A.
2016Quality Assurance in Training Graduates: Priority Strategy FieldsSitnikova, M. I.; Balabanova, T. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Ignatova, I. B.
2018Quality management principles of scientific and methodological support for students’ activity within e-learning environmentKormakova, V. N.; Klepikova, A. G.; Musaelian, E. N.; Prokopenko, Y. A.
2016Realization of Trends in the Use of the Internet Network in Development of Research Potential of High School Students in RussiaMakotrova, G. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Shekhovskaya, N. L.; Uman, A. I.; Perutskaya, T. V.; Tarasenko, N. G.
2017Safe Information Environment as a Quality Indicator of Educational Institution ManagementPrivalov, A. N.; Bogatyreva, Yu. I.; Romanov, V. А.; Kormakova, V. N.
2020Security methods for a group of mobile robots according to the requirements of Russian and foreign legislationBasan, A. S.; Basan, E. S.; Lapina, M. A.; Kormakova, V. N.; Lapin, V. G.
2016Strategic management training of future specialists in the system of higher education: conceptual basisKormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Romanov, V. A.
2016Teaching Quality Assurances in Higher Education Institution: Competence-Based ApproachSitnikova, M. I.; Isaev, I. F.; Kormakova, V. N.; Minenko, N. V.; Shumakova, I. A.
2020The role of self-esteem in the development and self-development of a student’s personalityKormakova, V. N.; Lomakina, E. A.
2012The tutor support model of senior pupils professional self-determinationKormakova, V. N.
2015Training system for future specialists: quality controlRomanov, V. A.; Kormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, Ye. N.