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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Carbamylated darbepoetin in combination with ethoxydol attenuates doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy in ratsKolesnichenko, P. D.; Popova, I. A.; Sheblykin, D. V.; Alhamzah Muhi Aldeen Azeez; Soldatov, V. O.; Lazareva, G. A.; Stepchenko, A. A.
2020Comparative study of the pharmacological effects of Venarus Plus, Venarus, and Detralex on L-NAME-induced endothelial dysfunction, venous tone and platelet aggregationLukyanova, Y. S.; Gureev, V. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Danilenko, L. M.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.
2016Development perspectives of new generation medications based on the redox system regulatorsShahmardanova, S. A.; Gulevskaya, O. N.; Galenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.
2018Effect of carbamylated darbepoetin administration at different doses on the thymus and spleen structure of ratsTverskoi, A. V.; Zhuchenko, M. A.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Morozova, E. N.; Morozov, V. N.
2018Evaluation of carbamylated darbepoetin acute toxicityKolesnichenko, P. D.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Zhuchenko, M. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Faitelson, A. V.
2018Evaluation of pharmacological correction of L-NAME-induced endothelial dysfunction, platelet aggregation and venous tone with diosmin detralex 1000 mgLukyanova, Y. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Gureev, V. V.; Zhilinkova, L. A.
2017Experimental rationale for the use of fluids with different redox potential as a basis for infusion therapyKovalenko, I. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.
2018Influence of the drug Detralex on calcium ion-dependent smooth muscle contractility, function of an endothelium and aggregation of thrombocytes in the conditions of experimental modeling of endothelial dysfunctionLukyanova, Y. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Hoshchenko, Y. A.; Shutov, V. I.; Povetkin, S. V.
2018Morphology of the rat’s brain in four vessels model of ischemic stroke after administration of carbamylated darbepoetinTverskoy, A. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Shcheblykina, O. V.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Morozov, V. N.
2018Natality and mortality with reduced RED-OX potential drinking waterKolesnichenko, P. D.; Reznikov, K. M.; Efremova, O. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Stepchenko, A. A.
2019Neuroprotective effects of taurine and 3-hydroxypyridine derivatives in the intracerebral hemorrhage model in ratsNesterova, N. I.; Shcheblykina, O. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Nesterov, A. V.; Shcheblykin, D. V.
2018Pharmacological screening antihypoxic and cytoprotective properties of mexidol and analogs of human erythropoietin in cultured leukocytes of pigsKolesnichenko, P. D.; Zhuchenko, M. A.; Reznikov, K. M.; Efremova, O. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.
2018Potentiating interaction of ethoxydol and rosuvastatin in an experimental model of Langendorf-isolated rat heart total ischemia-reperfusionKolesnichenko, P. D.; Soldatov, V. O.; Puchenkova, O. A.; Dudchenko, O. V.; Miller, E. S.
2017Search of new pharmaceuticals on the basis of darbepoetin in the treatment of ischemic stroke: review of literatureReznikov, K. M.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Tverskoy, A. V.; Kostina, D. A.
2019Study to Investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of Codelac® Broncho with Thymus Serpyllum (elixir) in comparison with reference drug Fenspiride (syrup) using accute carrageenan-induced paw inflammation modelKolesnichenko, P. D.; Peresypkina, A. A.; Poromov, A. A.; Kareva, E. N.; Tverskoi, A. V.
2019The cardio- and endothelial protective effects of ethyl methyl hydroxyl pyridine malate in modeling L-name induced nitric oxide deficiencyKolesnichenko, P. D.; Shcheblykin, D. V.; Demidenko, A. N.; Reznikov, K. M.; Alhamzah Muhi Aldeen Azeez; Zhuchenko, M. A.; Demchenko, S. A.
2018The value changes redox system the body fluid media for life processes and the action of drugsKolesnichenko, P. D.; Reznikov, K. M.; Zhhernakova, N. I.; Stepchenko, A. A.; Popova, I. A.