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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of the Change in Position of the Countries' Sets of Leading Universities and Research Centers in the World Webometrics Ranking (with the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region Taken as an Example)Moskovkin, V. M.; Pupynina, E. V.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2012Clusters as the competitive advantages of regional economiesIvanova, A. G.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Grineva, N. A.
2014Conditions of the effektive integration of the russian higher economic education in the globalizing market of educational servicesKamyshanchenko, E. N.; Stepanenko, S. N.
2013Educational outsourcing as a mechanism of the international competitiveness of the russian higher economic education assuranceStepanenko, S. N.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2015Evaluation of the Innovation Potential of the Regions of the Central Federal District of the Russian FederationDorokhova, E. I.; Moskovkin, V. M.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Stepanenko, S. N.; Ospischev, P. I.
2021Foreign economic activity of the Russian Federation: problems and prospects for the development of investment cooperationSelyukov, M. V.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Shalygina, N. P.
2015Integration of the Russian higher education system in the globalizing market of educational services: conditions, models and factors determining its effectivenesKamyshanchenko, E. N.; Stepanenko, S. N.
2013International cooperation of russia and germanys universities in the sphere of the higher economic educationKamyshanchenko, E. N.; Nerubenko, N. V.
2013International experience of the higher economic education realization: models of educationStepanenko, S. N.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2019Modern technologies of digital economy as a catalyst for economic growth of regional markets of the Russian FederationSolovey, Yu. A.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Mkhitaryan, M. A.
2013National strategy of the integration of the system of higher professional education of Russia into the international educational marketStepanenko, S. N.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2015Recommendations on enhancement of Ghana’s investment attractivenessIsaan, J.; Shok, I. A.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2012The development of Russian health-care system: problems and prospectsKononova, E. V.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Proshaev, K. I.; Gorelik, S. G.
2014The different forms of the higher professional education internationalization in the conditions of globalization : on the EXAMPLE of the NRU BelSUKamyshanchenko, E. N.; Nerubenko, N. V.
2014The world market of higher education services: current indicators and trendsStepanenko, S. N.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.