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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparative study of the pharmacological effects of Venarus Plus, Venarus, and Detralex on L-NAME-induced endothelial dysfunction, venous tone and platelet aggregationLukyanova, Y. S.; Gureev, V. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Danilenko, L. M.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.
2015Correction of adma-induced preeclampsia with the use of phosphodiesterase 5 and selective inhibitor of arginase II ZB49-0010Gureev, V. V.; Martynova, O. V.; Anciferova, O. E.; Martynov, M. A.; Pokrovskaia, T. G.
2018Correction of morphofunctional disturbances arising when modelling Preeclampsia with resveratrol and nicorandilStupakova, E. G.; Lazareva, G. A.; Gureev, V. V.
2020Eleven-amino acid peptides that mimic the erythropoietin α-helix B increases cell survival in endotheliocyte cultureAntsiferov, O. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Pokrovskii, M. V.; Korokina, L. V.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaia, T. G.
2018Evaluation of pharmacological correction of L-NAME-induced endothelial dysfunction, platelet aggregation and venous tone with diosmin detralex 1000 mgLukyanova, Y. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Gureev, V. V.; Zhilinkova, L. A.
2019Influence of silver-ion-containing pharmacotherapeutic system for repair of anterior abdominal wall on connective tissue formation in experimentMishina, E. S.; Zatolokina, M. A.; Gureeva, A. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Elagina, K. A.
2019Integrated evaluation of the endothelioprotective activity of an innovative peptide simulating the alpha-helix of B-erythropoethin in L-name-induced nitrogen oxide deficiency at the late gestation periodPokrovskii, M. V.; Yurakova, A. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Golubev, I. V.; Lokteva, T. I.; Korokin, M. V.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaia, T. G.
2019L-NAME-induced preeclampsia: correction of functional disorders of the hemostasis system with resveratrol and nicorandilStupakova, E. G.; Lazareva, G. A.; Gureev, V. V.; Dolzhikova, I. N.; Zhilinkova, L. A.
2016New approaches of morfofunktional pharmacological correction of violations of cardiovascular system in experimental preeclampsiaGureev, V. V.
2019Retinoprotective effects of non-selective imidazoline receptor agonistsLevkova, E. A.; Pazhinsky, A. L.; Bashuk, V. V.; Dubovtsova, E. Yu.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Beskhmelnitsyna, E. A.; Vain, D. S.; Gureev, V. V.
2015Simulation of total brain ischemia in ratsMartynova, O. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Martynov, M. A.; Solgalova, A. S.
2019Study of the effect of selective inhibitor of arginase II KUD 975 and of low doses of acetylsalicylic acid on the functional parameters of the cardiovascular system In experimental preeclampsiaSeverinova, O. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Zhilinkova, L. A.; Lazareva, G. A.; Gureeva, A. V.
2019The effect of arginase ii selective inhibitors on the functional parameters of experimental animals in ADMA–like preeclampsiaSeverinova, O. V.; Lokteva, T. I.; Gureev, V. V.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Osipova, O. A.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.
2015The effect of humoral factors released by hypoperfused placenta on fetal developmentGureev, V. V.; Antseferova, O. Y.; Lokteva, T. I.; Dolzhikov, A. A.