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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Endothelial protective properties of short-chain peptides that mimic α-helix B of erythropoietin in experimental preeclampsiaGolubev, I. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Gureeva, A. V.; Polyanskaya, A. V.; Pokrovskii, M. V.; Lazareva, G. A.; Bystrova, N. A.
2019Integrated evaluation of the endothelioprotective activity of an innovative peptide simulating the alpha-helix of B-erythropoethin in L-name-induced nitrogen oxide deficiency at the late gestation periodPokrovskii, M. V.; Yurakova, A. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Golubev, I. V.; Lokteva, T. I.; Korokin, M. V.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaia, T. G.
2019Mechanism of neuroprotective effect of mGluR4 agonistsAvdeeva, N. V.; Sidorova, S. A.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Osipova, O. A.; Golubev, I. V.
2020Preclinical study of innovative peptides mimicking the tertiary structure of the α-helix B of erythropoietinGolubev, I. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Serdyuk, E. A.; Soldatova, V. A.
2019Search for new pharmacological targets for increasing the efficiency of correction of cardiovascular diseasesKorokina, L. V.; Golubev, I. V.; Pokopejko, O. N.; Zagrebelnaya, A. V.; Demchenko, S. A.
2020The anti-aggregation activity of new 11-amino acid of erythropoietin derivate containing tripeptide motifsGolubev, I. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Korokina, L. V.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Pokrovskaia, T. G.; Pokopeiko, O. N.