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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A family of singular differential equationsGlushak, A. V.
2009Correctness of Cauchy-Type Problems for Abstract Differential Equations with Fractional Derivatives = Корректная разрешимость проблем для абстрактных дифференциальных уравнений с мелкими дробными производнымиGlushak, A. V.
2011Direct and inverse problems for an abstract differential equation containing hadamard fractional derivativesGlushak, A. V.; Manaenkova, T. A.
2008Inverse problem for Euler-Poisson-Darboux abstract differential equation = Обратная задача для абстрактного дифференциального уравнения Эйлера–Пуассона–ДарбуGlushak, A. V.; Popova, V. A.
2010Inverse problems for evolution equations with fractional integrals at boundary-value conditions=Обратные задачи для эволюционных уравнений с дробными интегралами в краевых условияхGlushak, A. V.
2006Numerical solution of the linear inverse problem for the Euler-Darboux equationGlushak, A. V.; Karakeev, T. T.
2010On an Inverse Problem for an Abstract Differential Equation of Fractional Order=Об одной обратной задаче для абстрактного дифференциального уравнения дробного порядкаGlushak, A. V.
2010On perturbations of abstract fractional differential equations by nonlinear operatorsAvad, H. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2010On perturbations of abstract fractiоnal differential equations by nonlinear operators=О возмущениях абстрактных дробных дифференциальных уравнений нелинейных операторовAvad, Kh. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2007On the properties of a cauchy-type problem for an abstract differential equation with fractional derivatives = О задаче типа Коши для абстрактного дифференциального уравнения с дробной производнойGlushak, A. V.
2006On the relationship between the integrated cosine function and the operator Bessel functionGlushak, A. V.
2010Perturbation of an abstract differential equation containing fractional Riemann-Liouville derivativesAvad, Kh. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2010Perturbation of an Abstract Differential Equation Containing Fractional Riemann-Liouville Derivatives=О возмущении абстрактного дифференциального уравнения, содержащего дробные производные Римана-ЛиувилляAvad, Kh. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2011Quasi-Inversion method for an evolutionary equation of fractional orderAvad, Kh. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2018Solution of a boundary value problem for velocity-linearized Navier-Stokes equations in the case of a heated spherical solid particle settling in fluidMalai, N. V.; Glushak, A. V.; Shchukin, E. R.
2021Solvability of degenerating hyperbolic differential equations with unbounded operator coefficientsGlushak, A. V.
2020Transmutation operators as a solvability concept of abstract singular equationsGlushak, A. V.
2018Uniquely solvable problems for abstract Legendre equationGlushak, A. V.
2022Uniqueness criterion for solutions of nonlocal problems on a finite interval for abstract singular equationsGlushak, A. V.
2021Uniqueness criterion for the solution of boundary-value problems for the abstract Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation on a finite intervalGlushak, A. V.