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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparative analysis of the microstructure and mechanical properties of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy peak-aged at relatively low and high temperaturesGazizov, M.; Holmestad, R.; Kaibyshev, R.
2014Effect of annealing on structure and mechanical behavior of an AA2139 alloyTagirov, D.; Zhemchuzhnikova, D.; Gazizov, M.; Kaibyshev, R.
2015Effect of cold plastic deformation prior to ageing on creep resistance of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloyGazizov, M.; Zuiko, I.; Kaibyshev, R.
2012Effect of over-aging on the microstructural evolution in an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy during ECAP at 300 degrees CGazizov, M.; Kaibyshev, R.
2014Effect of plastic deformation on a dispersion of omega-phase and mechanical properties of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloyGazizov, M.; Zuiko, I.; Kaibyshev, R.
2015Effect of pre-straining on the aging behavior and mechanical properties of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloyGazizov, M.; Kaibyshev, R.
2019Precipitation behavior in an Al-Cu-Mg-Si alloy during ageingGazizov, M.; Calin Daniel Marioara; Jesper Friis; Sigurd Wenner; Kaibyshev, R.
2011Solidification behaviour and the effects of homogenisation on the structure of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag-Sc alloyGazizov, M.; Teleshov, V.; Zakharov, V.; Kaibyshev, R.
2022Suppression of abnormal grain growth in friction-stir welded aluminum by pre-strain rolling: Limitation of the approachKalinenko, A.; Vysotskii, I.; Gazizov, M.; Malopheyev, S.; Mironov, S.; Kaibyshev, R.
2014The role of deformation banding in grain refinement under ECAPKaibyshev, R.; Malopheyev, S.; Kulitskiy, V.; Gazizov, M.
2020Unique hybrid precipitate structures forming in an Al-Cu-Mg-Si alloyGazizov, M.; Calin Daniel Marioara; Friis, J.; Wenner, S.; Kaibyshev, R.