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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Anthropogenic evolution of dark gray forest-steppe soils in the southern part of the central russian uplandChendev, Yu. G.; Aleksandrovskii, A. L.; Khokhlova, O. S.; Smirnova, L. G.; Novykh, L. L.; Dolgikh, A. V.
2019Changes in the atmospheric circulation conditions and regional climatic characteristics in two remote regions since the mid-20th centuryLebedeva, M. G.; Lupo, A. R.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Krymskaya, O. V.; Solovyev, A. B.
2019Changes in the soil cover under the impact of shortterm climate fluctuationsSmirnova, L. G.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Kukharuk, N. S.; Naroznyaya, A. G.; Kukharuk, S. A.; Smirnov, G. V.
2021Contrasting variants of soil development at archaeological sites on floodplains in the forest-steppe of the Central Russian UplandChendev, Yu. G.; Fedyunin, I. V.; Inshakov, A. A.; Dudin, D. I.; Belevantsev, V. G.
2007Dynamics of the soil cover in the southeast of Europe and in the southern Trans-Ural region during the subboreal periodChendev, Yu. G.; Ivanov, I. V.
2015Evolution of chernozems in the southern forest-steppe of the Central Russian upland under long-term cultivation examined in the agro-chronosequencesKhokhlova, O.S.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Myakshina, T. N.; Alexandrovskiy, A. L.
2017Evolution of forest pedogenesis in the south of the forest-steppe of the Central Russian Upland in the Late HoloceneChendev, Yu. G.; Aleksandrovskii, A. L.; Khokhlova, O. S.; Dergacheva, M. I.; Petin, A. N.
2014Evolution of Soil Carbon Storage and Morphometric Properties of Afforested Soils in the U.S. Great PlainsChendev, Yu. G.; Novykh, L. L.; Sauer, T. J.; Petin, A. N.; Zazdravnykh, I. N.
2015History of East European chernozem soil degradation; protection and restoration by tree windbreaks in the russian steppeChendev, Yu. G.; Sauer, T. J.; Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez; Charles Lee Burras
2013Influence of long- and short-term climatic changes on chernozem soils : Central Chernozem region of RussiaLupo Anthony, R.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.; Lebedeva, V. G.
2016Recent afforestation in the Iowa river and Vorskla river basins: a comparative trends analysisChendev, Yu. G.; Hubbart, J. A.; Terekhin, E. A.; Lupo, A. R.; Sauer, T. J.
2014Regional manifestations of changes in atmospheric circulation in the Central Black Earth region : by the example of Belgorod regionPetin, A. N.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Krymskaya, O. V.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Kornilov, A. G.
2015Regional specificity of the climatic evolution of soils in the southern part of Eastern Europe in the second half of the HoloceneChendev, Yu. G.; Lupo, E. R.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Borbukova, D. A.
2012Soils as indicators of climatic changesChendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.; Lupo, A. R.
2019Soils of archeological landscape Sorokino 1 (Orel oblast): reconstruction of natural changes and anthropogenic transformation of the environmentChendev, Yu. G.; Golyeva, A. A.; Belevantsev, V. G.; Sarapulkin, V. A.; Dudin, D. I.
2011Spatial and temporal features of soil erosion in the forest-steppe zone of the East-European plainGolosov, V. N.; Gennadiev, A. N.; Olson, K. R.; Markelova, M. V.; Zhidkina, A. P.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Kovacha, R. G.
2010The first monograph of Ukrainian soil scientists on the Holocene evolution of soilsChendev, Yu. G.
2016Trends in summer season climate for Eastern Europe and Southern Russia in the early 21st centuryLebedeva, M. G.; Krymskaya, O. V.; Lupo, A. R.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.
2010Trends of the natural evolution of chernozems on the East European PlainChendev, Yu. G.; Ivanov, I. V.; Pesochina, L. S.