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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Aspects lexicologiques et semantiques du Francais au CongoBaghana, J.; Langner, A. N.
2019Borrowings and xenisms in modern linguistics: congolese frenchBaghana, J.; Razumova, L. V.
2015Cohesion as a structural semantic feature in the text of business letters (by the example of the French and Russian languages)Baghana, J.; Kuksova, Y. L.
2015Conceptual features of mental structure of assessmentProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2020Dialogic speech as a field of compound-complex sentence communicative types applicationBaghana, J.; Ogneva, E.; Voloshina, T. G.; Mironova, G. V.; Slobodova Novakova, K.
2015Emotional complex sentences peculiarites in British and American scriptsBaghana, J.; Bondarenko, E. V.; Voloshina, T. G.; Markelova, O. V.; Genkin, Y. Y.
2016General approaches to gestalt’s definition: linguistic, sociologic and psychologic points of viewProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Gudz, O. V.
2014Grammaticalization as one of the main language system evolution consistent patternsBaghana, J.; Bondarenko, E. V.; Shirlina, E. N.; Sherstyukova, E. V.
2014Human appearance and nature features exemplified by English compound adjectivesBaghana, J.; Kravchenko, O. N.
2001La negation: un des termes essentiels de l’expression FrançaiseBaghana, J.
2020Language indigenization in terms of language contacts (based on the Nigerian English variant)Baghana, J.; Prokhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Voloshina, T. G.; Sheyfel, N. A.
2011Langue française et contact de langues en republique du CongoBaghana, J.
2010Le francais en Afrique СentraleBaghana, J.; Theschova, N. V.
2019Level of auditory analysis, synthesis and active vocabulary and their intergender context : [Uroven sluchovej analyzy, syntezy a aktivna slovna zasoba a ich mezipohlavny kontextDuchovicova, J.; Kozarova, N.; Kurajda, L.; Bajrami, B.; Baghana, J.
2015"Linguistic view of the world" and "Lingvistic evaluated view of the word": correlation of conceptsProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.
2001L’Opposition singulier / pluriel dans la personne verbaleBaghana, J.
2018Mental structure of assessment and its hierarсhiс structureProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Pugach, V. S.
2019Morphological and syntactic interference in the context of Franco-Congolese bilingualismBaghana, J.; Voloshina, T. G.; Novakova, K. S.
2018On interdisciplinary studies of language contacts and contact-induced changesBaghana, J.; Porkhomovskiy, V. Ya.
2019Sociomorphic metaphor as a source of manipulation in Election Campaign DiscourseBaghana, J.; Bocharova, E.